Tribune Series Universal EMS Controller

Tribune Series Universal
EMS Controller

FULLINK Tribune Series Universal Controller is a cutting-
edge solution that seamlessly integrates the solar control- ler and PV simulator into a single efficient unit, providing a comprehensive solution for microinverter storage systems. This universal EMS controller can simulate the solar panel's output voltage-current curve, manually/automatically control the microinverter's output power to the main grid based on real-time consumption, and help customers solve the issue of storing excess solar energy in the battery.

  • Module-level MPPT trackers, safe and easy to monitor how each individual panel’s performance.
  • 2-3 independence MPPT trackers, peak conversion efficiency >98%, maximize each solar panel’s output.
  • Simulate the solar panel's output voltage-current curve, can match most brands microinverter.
  • Control other brand microinverter’s output power to grid, storage more solar energy in the battery.
  • Manually or automatically control the microinverter’s output, meet different user’s requirement.
  • Integrated the BMS, communicate with battery real time, more safe and efficient to mange your battery.
  • Overcharge, over discharge and overload protection, keep your battery in safe situation.
  • Flexibly remote monitor your solar harvest via APP in rural place.
MPPT Solar Charger
Number of MPPT Trackers32
PV Operating Voltage20-60V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range25-50V
Max. PV Open Circuit Voltage60Vdc
Max. PV Array Power3 x 1 Tracker 800W2 x 1 Tracker 800W
Max. Charging Current 67A 67A
Max. DC Load Current3 x 30A2 x 30A
Self Consumption2W
MPPT Tracking Efficiency99.90%
Conversion Efficiency98%
ProtectionOverload, Reverse Connection, Short Circuit, High Voltage, Low Voltage, High Temperature Protection
Battery TypeSealed , AGM, Gel, Flooded, Lithium , Lithium carbonate
Battery VoltageStandard 48V(51.2V)
Battery Voltage Range40V-60V
Battery charging overvoltage protection value57.6V
Battery discharge voltage protection value43.2V
Max. discharge power continuously ≈2500W≈1700W
Communication PortRS485 with battery
WIFIFor APP Remote Monitoring
Energy Management
Output Power to Microinverter≈2.5KW≈1.7KW
Qty of Microinverter3pcs 800W Microinverter2pcs 800W Microinverter
Limited the Microinverter’s Output time (On-grid)Set up by APP or Automatically Controlled By the Smart Meter
Customized the Microinverter TimeSet up By APP
Controller working modeLoad priority
Smart Meter
Smart Meter Type3 Phase
AC ConnectionAC Plug
Net Weight4.5KG3.8KG
Dimensions232*301*90 MM
CoolingNatural Convection-No Fans
Enclosure IP65
Ambient Temperature-25~65℃ ( Derating from 45℃)
Storage Temperature-40℃~85℃
Humidity100% Non-Condensing
Warranty3 Years
SafetyCE and UL
Support off-grid operation and battery mode operation without mains power

Tribune Series Universal EMS Controller


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