FLK off/on-grid Series
800W-1200W Micro Inverters

Fullink New Energy's FLK 800-1200w Microinverter offers a new ideal solution for home storage PV system linked to 5KWH-20KWH storage battery, which is a dual power micro inverter. Like other common microinverters, FLK off/on-grid Series Microinverter has a peak efficiency of 95.5% and a nominal maximum power point tracking (MPPT) efficiency of 99.5%. That Functions for rapid shutdown and is able to operate at completely low voltage. And it is available as a single-phase (220V) and three-phase device(380V). Also it can be used with 60 and 72-cell designed modules and a power output of up to 2000W. Each microinverter can accommodate up to four PV modules with an output of 600W on each.

  •  Solar panels output voltage <60VDC, decrease the risk of an electrical fire.
  • One-panel match one MPPT, increase 5-15% power in production vs string inverters.
  • Keep each panel working individually, avoid the impact of partial shadows on the entire solar system.
  • Independently tracking each solar panel’s production, easy to identify each solar panel's  performance.
  • Flexible application can switch to off-grid mode to supply AC power to home devices.
  • Lightweight and compact with plug-and-play connectors, easy to install.
  • App monitors the running station anytime, anywhere.
PV Input Data
Number of MPPT Trackers2
Suggested Modules Range350W~450W400W~450W550W~600W
Max. Input DC Voltage60V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range25~60V
Startup Voltage 20V
Overvoltage Class DC PortII
DC Port Backfeed Current0 A
Max. Input Current2× 18 A
PV Array Requirement2x1 Ungrounded array; No Additional PV side protection required
AC Output Data
Peak Output Power2400W3000W3600W
Max. Continuous Output Power800W1000W1200W
Max. Continuous Output Current3.6A( 6.79A@120V)4.55A ( 8.3A@120V)5.45A ( 10A@120V)
Nominal output voltage220/230Vac(187-278Vac) / 120V(60-144Vac)
Nominal Frequency/Range50HZ/60HZ
Extended Frequency/Range45~55Hz / 55~65Hz
AC Short Circuit Current7.5A ( 13.7A@120V)
Max. Units Per Branch Circuit3pcs
Overvoltage Class AC PortIII
Power Factor(Adjustable)>0.99 Default, 0.8 Leading...0.8 Lagging...
Level of Harmonics Distortion<3%
AC Protection RequiredAC output side need 63A circuit breaker(on grid modle)
CEC Weighted Efficiency95%
Peak Inverter Efficiency96.50%
Static MPPT Efficiency99%
Night Time Power Consumption<50mW
Mechanical Data
Operating Ambient Temperature Range-40 °C to +65 °C(-40 °F  to +149 ° F )
Storage Ambinet Temperature-40 °C to +85 °C(-40 °F  to +185° F )
Relative Humidity Range4% to 100% (condensing)
Connector type: DCMC4
CoolingNatural Convection-No Fans
Approved for Wet LocationsYes
Enclosure RatingIP67
AC Cable Length(Customizable)Standard 2.4m(customized available)
MonitoringSupport remote web page monitoring and mobile APP by  Cloud
ComplianceInmetro, UL1741, VDE4105, VDE0126, CE,EN50549...

FLK off/on-grid Series 600W-1200W Micro Inverters


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